An Introduction to Writing Successful Tenders for WA Government Opportunities & Development of Joint Ventures

This is a workshop for Aboriginal business owners and staff who are interested in writing successful tenders for WA government opportunities and to gain more knowledge about Joint Venture.

The workshop will cover:

Tender Writing for WA government opportunities

• WA Government procurement processes
• What the State Government buys
• What does the WA Government look for in a winning tender?
• Top tips in writing tenders
• Costing and Pricing
• What to do next – winning or losing

An introduction to Join Ventures – risks and opportunities

• what is a JV?
• what are the risks and opportunities associated with JVs
• how can Aboriginal businesses make a JV work for them
• how should you go about getting started


Nov 25 2020


9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Tom Price
Nintirri Centre Inc, Central Ro Tom Price WA 6751

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