Community Engagement Projects

ARDS Aboriginal Corporation / NT Power & Water Corporation

Community Engagement Services to support Community Water Efficiency Projects, Installation of Smart Electricity Prepayment Meterboxes and Solar SETuP Installation across several NT communities (2016 – 2018)

ARDS Aboriginal Corporation engaged Keogh Bay in 2016 to prepare comprehensive tender documentation to support their successful appointment to a NT Power & Waters Contract Panel for Cross-Cultural Community Engagement & Communication Services for project delivery across remote locations in the Northern Territory.

While ARDS community engagement experience, methodology in cross-cultural engagement is extensive, in order to extend their engagement model across the NT Keogh Bay was engaged to assist with project delivery, project management and planning support and capacity building.

During the period 2016 – 2018, Keogh Bay has provided project management and other support to ARDS to assist in the successful delivery of the following projects:

  • Installation of Smart Electricity Prepayment Meterboxes in Numbulwar, Ngukurr, Beswick, Barunga and Manyallaluk;
  • Water Efficiency Projects, including household leak audits, community and stakeholder engagement in Ngukurr (Phase 1 & 2), Amanbidji and Yurrwi;
  • Installation of Solar SETuP Installation, including community and stakeholder engagement to support rollout of project in Milikapiti, Pirlangimpi and Wurrumiyanga communities on the Tiwi Islands

In addition to the successful delivery of the above projects, Keogh Bay has also now supported a smooth transition of the project management and planning requirements of these projects to ARDS internal staff.

NT Government, Department of the Chief Minister – Facilitation of Local Decision-Making Multi Agency Partnership (MAP) Engagement Processes (2018)

During 2017 and 2018, Keogh Bay has been engaged by the NT Government (Department of the Chief Minister) to facilitate the engagement processes between Government and individual Corporations for the establishment of local decision-making frameworks and implementation plans in several communities, including Yugul Mangi Aboriginal Corporation (Ngukurr), Alawa Aboriginal Corporation (Minyerri), Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation (Kalkaringi) and Kardu Alliance (Wadeye).

The engagement processes included the following key activities:

  • Initial consultation with Aboriginal Corporations and individual Government agencies;
  • Preparation of Summary Consultation Reports identifying common themes, priorities and opportunities;
  • Facilitation of joint LDM Workshops bringing together Corporation and Government representatives to discuss and agree on LDM priorities and develop supporting action plans;
  • Establishment of LDM Guiding Principles Agreements for all parties and overarching governance arrangements to support implementation, review and updating of LDM future plans.

In addition to the above, Keogh Bay was also engaged to jointly facilitate introductory local decision-making discussions with East Arnhem community, service provider and Government stakeholders.

Sing Kenken/Pilbara Development Commission – Economic Opportunities for Pilbara Town Based Reserves (2018)

Keogh Bay Director Mark Simpson worked with Sing Kenken and the Pilbara Development Commission to develop economic plans for a number of town based reserves in the Pilbara.

Pilbara Development Commission – Development of Economic Plan for Cheeditha Aboriginal Community (2017)

Keogh Bay Director Mark Simpson developed a comprehensive and detailed Business Plan and Community Profile for the Cheeditha Aboriginal Community (Cheeditha) as a component of Stage 1 of the Pilbara Town Based Reserves Project (the Project). The purpose of the Business Plan and Community Profile was to assist Cheeditha Group Aboriginal Corporation (CGAC) and the residents in developing a strategy and action plan to support the future sustainability of Cheeditha community.

IBN Corporation – Review of Education for IBN Members (2017)

Keogh Bay Director Mark Simpson working with Sharyn Derschow conducted a detailed survey of IBN’s education program, focused on impact and results over the last five years. This project involved consultation with over 200 internal and external stakeholders on IBN members’ educational needs and the available educational resources in the wider Pilbara community. The project outcome was a detailed gap analysis with recommendations on addressing those gaps.

NT Government, Department of the Chief Minister – Organisational Review for Big Rivers Regional Coordination Committee

Keogh Bay was engaged by the NT Government (Department of the Chief Minister) to evaluate the current working arrangements of the Big Rivers Regional Coordination Committee and to identify opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of this forum further.

Ben Laidlaw, Keogh Bay Senior Consultant undertook the review which also included interviews with senior Coordination Committee members to map their respective roles and functions and use this information to assist in understanding current lines of communication, interactions between multiple agencies, any duplication of efforts and/or opportunities to further enhance the effectiveness of the forum.

Keogh Bay prepared a final report with recommendations.  All recommendations were endorsed and implemented by the Coordination Committee.  Recent feedback has indicated that the successful implementation of the recommendations has improved the effectiveness, communication lines and outcomes of the group.

NT Government, Department of the Chief Minister & Walangeri Ngumpinku Aboriginal Corporation – Strategic Planning Workshops & Plan Development

Keogh Bay was engaged by NT Government (Department of the Chief Minister) and Walangeri Ngumpinku Aboriginal Corporation to facilitate two introductory strategic planning workshops and establish a strategic framework for the organisation.

Keogh Bay Senior Consultant, Ben Laidlaw facilitated the two workshops, working together with Board Members to develop vision and mission statements, organisational objectives & priorities, strategies for developing and managing stakeholder relationships and development of an action plan to address governance requirements.

Keogh Bay also prepared a high-level strategic plan to assist Walangeri Ngumpinku Aboriginal Corporation to commence early engagement with key stakeholders to discuss their current priorities and focus areas.

Yinhawangka Aboriginal Corporation – Board Governance Implementation (2016)

Keogh Bay Director Mark Simpson worked with Yinhawangka Aboriginal Corporation to develop and implement individualised training plans for each YAC Director and an overall Board development plan for Governance Training.

IBN Corporation – Review of Housing (2016)

Keogh Bay Directors Jonathan Price, Matthew Wrigley and Mark Simpson conducted a review of IBN member housing needs by consulting with the IBN membership to establish the current housing arrangements (tenure, extent of overcrowding, homelessness etc.) of its membership; and developed a model and approach for the eligibility, prioritisation and allocation of IBN owned houses to IBN members.

Rural Health West – Review of Pit Lands FAQ for Health Professionals (2016)

Keogh Bay Director Mark Simpson travelled to the Pitjantjatjarra Lands with Rural Health West staff to identify a range of answers to frequently asked questions that health professionals needed to know before being located to the Pit Lands. The outcome of this project was a brochure that Rural Health West can use with prospective employees.

Woodside Energy Ltd – Review of Nyurra Nyingu Art Exhibition (2016)

Keogh Bay Director Mark Simpson conducted a review for Woodside into the Nyurra Nyingu Art exhibition, which had been running for many years. This review resulted in a report that Woodside was able to use to carry out improvements to the art exhibition.

Royal life Saving/BHP – Assistance with Jigalong Shed (2015)

Keogh Bay Director Mark Simpson worked with Royal life Saving and BHP to provide advice into the current and future use of the Jigalong shed, which BHP had constructed in the Jigalong community.

Ngarluma Yindjibarndi Foundation Ltd – Feasibility Study into the establishment of an Aboriginal boarding school in the Pilbara (2015)

Keogh Bay undertook a project examining the feasibility of establishing a boarding school at Ngurrawarna, and to present options for establishment, funding and ongoing resourcing.  The outcome was a feasibility analysis report which provided the owners with detailed advice in respect of the significant opportunities and risks associated with the proposal.