What We Do

Keogh Bay’s services range from assisting organisations transitioning to the NDIS, cultural competency training and on-line learning development. Our community engagement services include community development, consultation and feasibility and Indigenous employment strategy.  Click here to view our general capability statement. Click here to view our capability statement on training and e-learning.

Keogh Bay offers a range of services designed to assist organisations in transitioning to the NDIS. Our detailed understanding of the NDIS and how it will impact the future of your business are what sets us apart.

Keogh Bay helps enterprises foster diversity by bridging organisational, cultural, and personal barriers through our training and cutting-edge e-learning materials.

Our overriding mission at Keogh Bay is to help organisations and individuals improve the way they communicate and collaborate with Indigenous people.

Keogh Bay recognises that nurturing new businesses is critical to generating positive employment outcomes and long-term economic advancement in the local community.

Keogh Bay also offers a selection of other specialist services including business development, social license to operate, access, disability services, organisational review, agreement review and community skills audits.

Our Clients