Working with Indigenous Employees online

Keogh Bay Training is a Pilbara Aboriginal Business. For more than a decade Keogh Bay has been delivering outstanding face-to-face training to leaders in mining and many other sectors.

Now, we have taken key content from our Working with Indigenous Employees program combined with new introductory cultural and historical material to create an exciting on-line training program.

There are more than 20 modules covering topics as diverse as the pronunciation of traditional Indigenous languages to spiritual beliefs and ethical questions in Indigenous employment. Each module takes around 15 minutes for more than six hours of great learning.

This demo video takes a tour through some of the content in the program here

Sharyn Derschow introducing the Time and Diversity module

Kingsley Bartlett in the avoiding generalisations scenario

Access and Fees

There is a flat per-head fee for customers of our on-line programs with a discount for the staff of Aboriginal Corporations.

The fee entitles enrolled learners to access all the modules shown above. Some organisations may prefer to select a subset of modules relevant to their staff.

If you wish to evaluate the program for your organisation, make contact using the details below and we will provide you with free access.


Contact Christine Tiong on 0422 91830 or to get your team learning.