Keogh Bay Training was commissioned to provide six full-day Working with Indigenous Employees training programs for BHP employees of Caval Ridge, Daunia and Peak Downs Mines in Queensland.

The following chart summarises the quantitative feedback from the 63 feedback forms received.


  • 86% of participants rated our presenters as Excellent and 100% rated them as either Excellent or Good.
  • On average 70% of participants gave ratings of Excellent to Books and Materials; Usefulness of the program and Meeting Expectations. The remainder were Good ratings with only three Acceptable ratings in any criteria across all 63 forms.

Some comments included:

  • Great course run by very engaging facilitators. Great work!
  • …This is an experience, learn-share-grow!
  • Need to get everyone at BHP through this program as compulsory
  • By this program I think we are heading in the right direction
  • I am over 50 but learnt more today than the past 50 years
  • Very good value – appreciate the time and passion of the presenters
  • Get more people to do the course

Figure 1 Kingsley Bartlett (right) Keogh Bay training facilitator and family.