Keogh Bay ran a range of NDIS readiness workshops last week in Alice Springs and Darwin on behalf of the NT Department of Trade, Business and Innovation which proved to be a great success based on participant feedback. There were five separate workshops in each location that our team facilitated, these included:

  • Opportunities for Small Business in the NDIS
  • Getting Started in Business in the NDIS
  • The NDIS and Your Workforce
  • Marketing Your Business in the NDIS
  • Governance Essentials for the NDIS

We sought (and received) feedback from workshop participants on:

  • Training Room and Facilities
  • Presenters
  • Training Books and Materials
  • Usefulness for your Job
  • Usefulness outside of work
  • Met Expectations

Participants were requested to provide a score against each criteria on the basis of (1 = Fail to 5 = Excellent). The responses for both Alice Springs and Darwin were all really positive and a summary of the aggregated data for each location is as follows:

Some of the feedback comments included:

“Best workshop on the NDIS that I have attended (and I have attended many!)”

“Great informative presentation!”

“Very informative and engaging”

“Very clear and precise, lots of good information”

“The workshop delivery made the information accessible and kept it real”

“Very interactive and informative”

“Wish it went longer!”

Overall, the workshops proved to be a great initiative and we hope that these can be rolled out in other parts of the Territory (and elsewhere) in future!

Well done to our expert facilitators David Muller, Nigel Fredericks and Alice Findlay!

Thanks to all who attended and participated and in particular to Bridie Totham and her team at DTBI for the opportunity to undertake the work.

For further information please contact Jonathan Price on 0423765437 or